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Ben 10 (Gambar 4)

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Ben 10, Gambar Kartun 4
Ben 10, Gambar Kartun 4
ukuran gambar : 1200 x 810
Ben 10 (Gambar 4)
Empat. Ben 10 , Omnitrix, ,kartun, Cartoon, animasi, film, serial TV, Man of Action, foto, gambar, lucu, wallpaper.
When the Omnitrix times out, while timing out, the Omnitrix beeps and flashes, converting the user back to normal, and takes around 10 minutes to recharge, though it may take more time if tampered with. Its main purpose is said to be to keep the original personality of certain aliens from overwhelming the user (such as the case of Ghostfreak). The Omnitrix is powered by a special self-renewable power supply that will long outlive Ben. The Omnitrix has, on occasion, instantly recharged to protect its user from direct physical threat. This was shown when Ben was about to be killed by Kevin and then when Ghostfreak, who had escaped the Omnitrix at the time, tried to possess Ben, both times, despite just timing out moments earlier, the Omnitrix recharges instantly when Ben's life is put in direct threat. However, this may possibly be a safety mechanism where the Omnitrix taps into an emergency reserve of energy, as the Omnitrix almost immediately timed out mere moments later. This feature was apparently switched off after the recalibration. The Omnitrix has been known to 'malfunction', such as unexpectedly timing out, recharging instantly, changing into a different alien than was selected, however, these might be safeguards programmed to protect against someone stealing it. It was confirmed by Dwayne McDuffie, the Omnitrix times out not to recharge its energy, but to prevent damage to Ben. Being 16 years old i guess makes you too old for children's TV programmes now. But luckily i have a lot of younger brothers and sisters and so it gives me an excuse to go back into my adolescence every once in a while. When i was a kid, the best super-hero show on TV was the original Power Rangers. Come on, they were awesome. About 10 years after the Power Rangers first became good, the youth of today is being shown the rubbish that is Operation Overdrive. I'm sorry, but its time to lay the Power Rangers to rest, because the shows are getting worse and worse. This, in short, is a perfect demonstration of terrible children's TV has become. And so when my 2 younger brothers began getting mad over some programme on Cartoon Network called "Ben 10" i naturally assumed that it was just another rubbish children's show. One day when i got home from school i found my brothers already watching TV, and this programme Ben 10 was on. The options were to either do homework, put a DVD on or play on the xbox 360. Being incredibly lazy, i decided to just sit down and watch the TV. 2 hours later i had watched 4 episodes of the show and couldn't believe it. I mean, Cartoon Network had finally made a show that is half decent. Lets face it, the show has every cliché in the book, its fairly predictable at times and also very convenient how there's always a monster around whenever Ben is there. But what show isn't a little rough around the edges? Ben 10 is something fresh and relatively original. I think Cartoon Network Jetix, Nickelodeon and other kids TV channels should learn from this programme and then perhaps children's TV might get back to the glory days of Power Rangers. When the first commercials for 'Ben 10' arrived, my thoughts were this: "They (Cartoon Network) just canceled 'Teen Titans', and now we have another Americanime show? Count me out." Once I actually saw the show, however, my opinion changed. 'Ben 10' is a fairly decent superhero show. It's not as good as 'Teen Titans' or 'Justice League Unlimited' (it's certainly aimed at a younger audience), but it's a great way to kill time. 'Ben 10' actually has a pretty good starting point: Ben Tennyson (voiced by the immortal Tara Strong) is a normal kid traveling on the road with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen. Ben finds a strange watch that allows the wearer to transform into ten different superheroes. Problem is, evil aliens want the watch and begin invading Earth to get it. Now it's up to Ben to (recite in unison) save the world. Like I said before, 'Ben 10' is not the travesty anticipated by the commercials, nor is it equal to the aforementioned 'Teen Titans' and 'Justice League'. It's mildly diverting, and 10 year-old boys should bet a kick out of it. You could do worse than 'Ben 10'.



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